When can I be me?

I was watching a documentary about the amazing singer and women Whitney Huston and what stroke me was this sentence she said around 1989.  For so many years to go and not be able to be her self.  And one of the spokes man in the documentary said “it was love that killed her, not the drugs”.  She wouldn’t have used drugs if the love wasn’t so difficult.

She had a very low self esteem and always said that her voice came from God.  I was moved by this film and it made me sad.  How business people and family treet you if you are famous and have a lot of money.  If her mother, father, sister, best friend etc. wouldn’t have worked for her, maybe they would have helped her get out of the life she was living but not enjoying.

The best song ever……….

I know I’m feeling sentimental now but that’s what happened when I watch this movie.  And also this song and Whitney Houston always reminds me of my best friends Hugrun og Baldur that have given me so much.

Love and peace and remember famous people are also people and we should let them be them always.

Yours Kristin Jona

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