Brýrnar í Mandal

Brýrnar í Mandal

allar 14.

The bridges in Mandal


I was looking for an old bridge in Lyngdal on the internet and found it but saw at the same time that there is mostly one or two bridges in every town here in the South-Norway, but in Mandal they are 13.  Thirteen bridges in one small beautiful town.  So I decided to photograph them all.

  1. Mandal Bybroa is the bridge you drive into Mandal from E39 and is in the center of the town.  It was build in 1956.

2.  Skarvøybroene over Mandalselva (Mandalsriver)
They say that there are 3 bridges, but I see only two but the third must be there somewhere.

3.  The next bridge is my favorite, Adolph Tidermansbroa and it was made after I moved here to Mandal and are only a walking bridge over the river and connects the centrum to the culture house we call Buen.  Great design and so beautiful to photograph.  It was build in 2012.

4.  Skogsøy brua ved Tregdeveien is the next bridge I will show you, a small bridge that connects the Skogsøy with the mainland.

5.  The fifth bridge I’ll show you is a bridge I didn’t dare to drive over the first time I saw it.   You can’t drive past another car there because it is so narrow and you can’t see if there is a car coming to you.   But the last time I went to Skjernøy I drove by myself and thankfully I didn’t meet any cars.

This bridge is named Skjernøysundsbrua and was build in 1964.

6.  And in Skjernøy there is another bridge and that is just a walking bridge but there can be more than one person at a time, because it takes up to 1000 kg. 

This bridge was build in 2010.

7.  Knuden brua is a very old bridge and it is not one of the bridges in Mandal Wikipedia mentioned but as far as I know it is in Mandal and it is a bridge and even a beautiful one.

8. Møll brua ved Holum is also a beautiful bridge, I’m not sure how old it is, wikipedia doesn’t know.  Maybe the bridge itself is not so beautiful but the landscape all around it amazing.

9. Bankebroa ved Lillebanken build 1962.   Under this bridge is one of Mandal most popular beaches. 

10. Gismeraøybroa ved Kleven.  This bridge connects Mandal to Gismerøya where the ship come to take wood and deliver products.

11.  Then I found a small walking brigde here in Mandal. I don’t know if it has a name.

 –  I love social media, now I know this bridge is called Kvislabroa and is on Malmø in Mandal.  

12. Dølebru ved Suvatnet is the next bridge I wanted to find, but I’m not sure where this one is but I belive it is on some private road between road 459 in Holum and E39 so I just have to take my car and look for it.

Found it and another bridge I didn´t know about.

13. Hanevatne bru is an old bridge from 1925 and I saw that one when I was looking for Dølebru, but no one had told me about this one which is way more beautiful than Dølebru.  Old and a little bit hidden but so beautiful.

14. The last bridge I know about in Mandal is Stoveland bru, it is on the way from Mandal to Marnardal.

Hope you enjoy these pictures of the 14 bridges in Mandal and if you have any information about these bridges or even if you know of any brigde I haven’t taken picture of and put here I would like to hear it.


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